Are You a 1990s Kid?!

How things have changed since the 1990s! From crayons and colouring books to ipads and iphones. I have listed a few things only kids of the 1990s will understand as well as remember how much fun you used to have!

1. These math watches were the it thing, being able to change channel on your tv as well!

2. We all had a Tamagotchi, these things were the best, your little friend in your pocket! I took mine everywhere until it fell in the bath...

3. Unsure? We all played this!


5. BELL AIR, oh Will Smith!

6. I don't know one kid that did not own these books, the library was always out as well!

7.Oh the ring pops, al though you would get in trouble in class as its classified as food....

8. NOTES Pass it along, (Hope the teacher doesn't grab it!)

9. These pencils were the best!

10.Game players we know the pain...


12. SNAKE! This was the only game on the Nokia! Hours of entertainment!

13. Need I say more...


15. POGS!

16. This was the game! It was awesome! I always ended up in a shack though.... THINGS DONT CHANGE!

17. This is vintage!

18. If you had one of these you were the cool kid....


There you go! Be sure to check my page for futher fun facts, articles and updates!

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