Does Social Media stress you out?

Social Media is one of the most talked about and used platforms and way of gossip, communication and most of all our lives. It over takes our personal lives and ruins friendships, trust and even jobs. I love using social media, but the question is, are you actually using it right?

I have had an anonymous guest wanting to submit this amazing article we are all thinking about deep down. Fantasticly written and eye opening! How has Facebook effected your life?!

"I've always been a Facebooker (not so much twitter/Pinterest etc), i play the facebook games and have quite a variety of friends. It occurred to me i spent quite a lot of my 'free' time on facebook and curiosity got the better of me and i decided to see what life was like without facebook.

Facebook was my life so it was quite a big decision to make but i thought i would just deactivate my account for a bit, so i did. I deactivated my account for a week. It was hard to get use to, you wake up in the morning and while having a morning coffee you flick through your news feed but i soon got use to it. My 'real friends' all had my number and email address so they could still get hold of me and i didn't tell anyone i was doing it i just did it. That's when i realised how self conscious people are. I had people asking why i had 'blocked' them. It didn't occur to them i might just want time out from the facebook world, it was automatically about them and what they had done to piss me off. "

As the days went past i got use to being my own person and not having to live up to this 'facebook status'. I took photo's for me instead of for my facebook account. When i went somewhere i didn't 'check in' so everyone knew where i was. To be honest i felt like i didn't really exist, let's be frank here, if you're not on facebook nowadays it's because

a.) you don't have any friends

b.) you're not computer literate or

c.) you prefer to be a loner.



Of course there are people that have accounts just to snoop and see what their friends do but they don't actually 'post' anything. It came to my attention that because i wasn't on facebook anymore i didn't have the stress of having to 'update my profile' with what i was doing and where i was going, and to be honest, i felt free. Free from the facebook world and having to life up the facebook standard. I'm happy with my life and the path i have chosen but it doesn't mean i have to brag about it on social media. I didn't have to worry about posting picture or statuses to see how many 'likes' i would get and if i was down the pub i was actually having conversations instead of checking my newsfeed and update my profile.

I did miss seeing what everyone was up to because let's be honest who sends emails now a days unless they're professional.

Imagine this scenario: Your friend went on holiday, you've already seen the pictures, they have updated their status about what's going on and checked into every place they've been. You're excited to see them after their holiday but you don't need to know about their holiday because you've practically lived it with them on facebook. You meet up and what do you have to talk about? Nothing. So instead of communicating in the real world, you're communicating in 'outer space'.

So, would people be more sociable in the real world if it wasn't for social media?

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