Zomato - Zoooooooming into first!

How often have you wondered how to find those special little cafés, bistros, restaurants, wine bars? Fancy a classic cocktail in a peaceful setting away from the maddening crowd? Want to impress your guest with the best of fusion food? Welcome Zomato into your life!

My Zomato Profile

This foodie app is becoming one of the most fashionable and recommended foodie app ever talked about in various app reviews. You need to try it NOW!

Food is what makes the world go round, from exciting your taste buds for diverse flavours and amazing cuisines around the world.

A foodie app that helps you find your dream food wherever you are. Create an online portfolio and watch your food history and status grow, by following individuals, writing reviews and bookmarking your best buys!

Zomato has been my food buddy for almost a year now, and I wouldn’t travel without it, having used as well as track down old places in New York, London, South Africa and Edinburgh.

Simply search what you want from where you are and Zomato does all the hard work for you and all you have to do is eat! This little app helps you keep in touch with the high life of food. All your friends are going to wonder where you get these amazing food ideas from for tasty treasures! Dont miss out on the constant offers, competitions and interesting food ideas constantly updated on Zomato’s Facebook page and website. Most amazing is that there is something on there for everyone!

Happy eating and start tracking!

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