Back To 2000s...What Were We Thinking...

We have all been there. Looking back at the 2000s, feeling so grossed and strange at why you used to wear?! Yap we have... but then again 10 year from now we will be doing the same thing. Here are a few flash back moments for you 2000s!

1.Neckties as belts... we all blame Avril Lavigne for this...

2. Chockers, yes they are coming back and have been back for a while!

3.Different laces, well youre just not skate and cool without different laces!

4.Chunky highlights aka zebra head.

5. Dresses over jeans. Bonus points for flare jeans!

6. T-shirts claiming you were a member of an “athletic club.”

7. Surf shorts weather a girl or guy, or weather you surf or not....they were the cool thing!

8.Drawstring bag...

9. Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits/tracksuits... if you arnt sure then watch The OC, or Real Housewives ...

10.Uggs (which goes with everything) I cant complain I still use mine! Simple, makes you feel cha ching, even though youre not and everyone has a pair.

11.Long sweater-jacket thing - we all wanted one.

12.Vertical-stripe flare pants

13. Flip phones or side kicks, if you had one of these you were by far the coolest person around, you knew your gadgets!

14.Matching military pants and top. There was the phase, they would come with zippers too so if it got too hot you just unzipped the bottom part of your trousers!

Or with the random strings that used to get in the way...

There you have it flash back to 2000! Strange to think years from now what will we be thinking or other people about our fashion today....

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