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“Hey, those days are long gone, and when I hear this song it takes me back.” From Avril Lavigne's self-titled 5th Album which hit the UK shelves on the 4th of November 2013 a line from the song “17" that's speaking when she was putting together the songs on her 2002 debut "Let Go," and the 29-year-old looks back on those reflectively days of her life which is her diary in a song with the pop-rock track "17." Like the "Avril Lavigne" singles that precede it, "17" is stunningly arranged, swirling a steady beat, long acoustic strums and yelping vocals that refract the mischievous glow of you.

As most of you know I am a huge Avril fan. Her new album caught my eye and I would like nothing more but to share my review with you

This Self-titled albums sums up the entire release- With music she wants to play, regardless of reception. Having styled in her own skater land of pop rock and keeping to her enjoyable pop rock theme. It’s her personality that is stamped over ever guitar riff from the bizarrely psychedelic “hello Kitty” song to the rushing of melodies of “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

Here two opening singles “Rock and Roll” and “Here’s to never going up” Her next single hits the same road with her more 2007 Best Damn Thing album, with the ridiculously catchy pop - the kind of music that provides a soundtrack for teens and guilty pleasures for everyone . “17” is an upbeat, catchy tune — a noticeable release with “17” which yearningly gazes back at the time she met her teenage sk8er boi sounding classically nostalgic lyrics like “We were on top of the world / Back when I was your girl” makes it impossible to forget the old Avril.

She grasps the fool quality – the power of her voice. The angst-ridden teenage listeners who were alienated by her apparent conversion to pop with the release of her third album will recognize the slightly more gritty aspect to her earlier music returning here; it’s clear that Lavigne has been through a process of experimentation and discovery with her music.

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