Cool Hunting Take's the Stage

“Do it. Just give it a go, everyone can make art and I believe everyone should make art. That sounds so wanky.”

Quoted by Daniel Hills with the words of advice to reaching to the art world.

Art, theatre and extreme enthusiasm. I was fortunate enough to get a unique and inspired one to one interview with Daniel Hills.

In 2012 Daniel Hills and Rachel St Clair joined their transformed and opposite use of inventiveness, creating their interests of work collaborating the absurdity of popular culture and the illogicality of trends. Which led them to the creation of Cool Hunting. Their distinctive and unique performances, leaves the audience on a high as well as curious and unknown.

Featuring at small events and venues in England and Scotland, They have been performing a number of events and are hoping to take their achievements and talents with them to Brighton. They are hitting the art market with a remember-able entrance, expressing their abilities to create a theatre company which stands out like no other.

I got the exciting chance to meet one of the brains behind the scenes of Cool Hunting, I will let you hear it from the striving starlets themselves.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Clumsy, weird and sassy.

Always had a love for theatre, what’s your favourite show you have seen? It would have to be a show by a company called Made In China, it's called we hope you're happy (why would we lie?).

Do you play any instruments? I've been trying to learn to play the ukulele, I’m not very good but we always seem to sneak a ukulele into our shows.

You are currently working with your own start up Theatre Company. How would you describe yourself as a whole? We make devised pieces that we make from scratch and we create work about our relationship to pop culture. We like making work that uses tasks, so no two shows are the same and it keeps us on our toes.

Have any exciting projects coming up to tell your fans? We'll be performing in Brighton on the 20th of June, we'll be giving away our possessions in return for others possessions! We're also performing at a music festival called Beacons, which should be loads of fun.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on stage? Dancing to the song 2012 whilst wearing a Nicholas Cage mask.

Who is your main focus to inspiration? We really love the work by Action Hero and also GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, they are both amazing companies that everyone should see!

What would be your idea plan for start up? What do you want it to be in a few years time? Ideally we'd love to be touring around the country with our show that would be the dream!

If you could act with anyone who would it be and why? Probably my Nan, I'd love to make a show with her one-day.

How might you describe your style? Charity shop chic.

Favorite food? ALWAYS PIZZA. ALWAYS.

Biggest pet peeve? Songs that tell me what to do (Cha cha slide)

You have had so many hairstyles, what might be your all time favorite? I've had some horrible hairstyles, I just get really bored. I'm pretty happy with my haircut at the moment but I’ll hate it soon. My worst haircut has to be bleach blonde with gel spikes. Gross.

Any good stories you want to share of university days? I fell into an empty pond one night after the SU, I just ran into the darkness and fell. I have a scar though so that's cool right?

What is the most memorable thing that has ever happened? (And no meeting me doesn’t count: P) Probably the births of my nephew and niece, they're the best thing in the whole wide world!

What are you planning on doing after you graduate? Once I’ve finished my Masters I hope to move to Brighton where there is a much bigger art scene and also work on our company.


It is going to be an exciting road for the Cool Hunting gang, Be sure to check the latest from their tours, Projects and crazy inspiring performances. Follow them on Twitter at @thecoolhunting as well as their very own website! coolhuntingtheatre.com Where you can contact them too!


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