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Welcome to the Punk Rock Princess blog, Event Director & Founder of Creative Events, lifestyle, pop culture and pretty much everything! Scottish Lifestyle Blogger!


With a huge love for my Ragdoll cats Pancakes & Mango! 


I'm American/Canadian (Wait for it!) sounding, BUT half Dutch and Scottish, born in London, grew up in Bangladesh, Namibia, Vietnam, The Netherlands, England, Scotland and now living in Malta...& Edinburgh!

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14 Jan 2020

I'm certain you have a brilliant thought shrouded some place in the back of your mind that you just can hardly wait to test out. Obviously you're by all account not the only one with the brilliant thought.

So what rouses you to stir those inventive, or not with standing...

17 Dec 2019

At some point in their lives, everyone on the planet will experience a headache. Several things can cause them, but one thing’s for sure: they eventually go away. The thing is, some people tend to experience headaches more than others, and they usually last longer with...

14 Oct 2019

How would we get through this tricky mental molding? How would we develop and create past harmful scenes that cover themselves in our subliminal and impact our lives? How would we change and develop with the goal that we can live our fantasies? 

The initial step is to b...

5 Jun 2019

Recently during ‘The Creative Events’ event, I came across something exciting. It was an electronic muscle stimulation device, which claimed that it only takes 20 minutes to do an exercise which could help in muscle building. You can use it instead of doing 3 to 4 hour...

18 May 2019

If your doctor has informed you that you have prediabetes, don't think you should start feeling desperate. That is the moment to turn your life around and prevent type 2 diabetes from developing. It's not too late to change some things in your lifestyle.

Even if it's in...

2 Apr 2019

Body piercings are extremely popular with people all things considered. Regardless of whether you are puncturing ears, lips, noses, eyebrows, tongues, or someth

29 Mar 2019

Its not a surprise to hear about peoples health these days, In recent years people have realized the importance of proper diet and exercise, and recent surveys show that over the last 20 years people are eating better and working out more often. As most of you know, I...

27 Feb 2019

One of the main problems that deter a person's success is their lack of concentration. Lapses encourage disturbances to get in the way and stall progress. If ones wishes to proceed on their road to success, it is imperative they learn how to concentrate. Here, we s...

10 Jan 2019

You’ve heard the expression, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. But it turns out that what you eat can have repercussions elsewhere in the body, namely on the face. Researchers and dermatologists are now beginning to understand that the face is a window into...

8 Jan 2019

It’s easy to burn yourself out. While you’re definitely going about things with the right idea in mind, replacing old bad habits with new good ones, it can be hard to slow the wheel of momentum immediately on all of your current activities. Start one at a time. Go for...

1 Jan 2019

Your body is an incredible thing. Although it just looks like a collection of bones, tendons, and ligaments, it comes to life when you move. But when things go

27 Nov 2018

No one will argue that having eczema is no way near as bad as having cancer. The latter is clearly life-threatening and is one of the worst pieces of news you can be given. However, eczema makes people feel self-conscious about their appearance and also how others migh...

14 Nov 2018

Do you feel that as winter dawns upon you that you can feel very sluggish and miserable? The nights seem longer than the days, and with the expense that is Christmas edging ever nearer, we don't feel we have the finances to get something nice for us. When we feel d...

11 Oct 2018

The mental impact Isolation is just one reason that injury can lead to depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. For a lot of people, there’s also the factor that they suddenly can’t do what they used to. Whether it’s taking care of the family, maintaining the home, or...

10 Oct 2018

You Want A Companion Sometimes, a pet can make an incredible companion. A dog or a cat can be great for this, but there’s nothing to say that a micro pig or hamster can’t make great companions either. Getting a pet for a companion, providing it supports your lifestyle...

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