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Welcome to the Punk Rock Princess blog, Event Director & Founder of Creative Events, lifestyle, pop culture and pretty much everything! Scottish Lifestyle Blogger!


With a huge love for my Ragdoll cats Pancakes & Mango! 


I'm American/Canadian (Wait for it!) sounding, BUT half Dutch and Scottish, born in London, grew up in Bangladesh, Namibia, Vietnam, The Netherlands, England, Scotland and now living in Malta...& Edinburgh!

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30 Dec 2019

When purchasing a new pet, it’s important to curate the home environment they are to be introduced to in the best manner possible. Not only will this help you introduce them to their new home with care, but you’ll also protect your home from their unpredictable behavio...

29 Oct 2019

If you’ve ever thought about adopting a horse, there’s a whole host of up sides to doing so. Most people bond really closely with their mounts, and you’ll have a good friend in them for most of your days. In short, horses really can be wonderful creatures, and will mak...

16 Oct 2019

If you are tempted to welcome the patter of tiny paws into your home, then you might be researching breeds as you read this post. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all sorts of temperaments, appetites, attitudes and cuteness. You need to consider the sort o...

8 Oct 2019

Choosing a pet is not as easy as you might have thought, but one thing is for sure, whether you choose to go to a breeder for a puppy or rehome a dog or cat that needs the love and attention, much like a home, you will know when the right pet is looking back at you. Bu...

1 Oct 2019

While cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles still typically take the top spot for great pets, horses are a league of their own. They have always been a much sought after pet because they are stunning, and when trained correctly, they are gentle giants. 

But what makes them so...

7 Sep 2019

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary in Mellieha is a safe place for every abandoned or neglected dog. Currently hosting around 100 tetrapods, all neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and grateful. You can show them some love by donation, adoption or something as simply as visit the...

10 Jul 2019

People don't sort-of like their pets, they love them. So there is very little as lovely as when people take that into consideration when it comes to gift-giving. It might be the giving of gifts for a reason - like Christmas or birthdays, or it might be the giving of gi...

24 Jun 2019

Yes yes yes, we all know im cat crazy, with Mango (Half ragdoll have something else....) As well as Pancakes full Ragdoll, they bring such excitement to my life, people around me are all dog dog dog crazy, however here are some amazingly interesting facts about cats! 

30 May 2019

Choosing a breed of dog can be difficult at the best of times. You need to think about their temperament, energy levels, diet and even their space requirements too. If you want some help, then the below tips should get you started.


If you have a small house or a fl...

26 Apr 2019

Shooting your pet can be an extraordinarily compensating knowledge. We have all tried to capture that cute universal sharing photo of our fluffy friend, progres

9 Apr 2019

A dog is a friend for life and as soon as you pick one to join your home they will become a huge part of your family. A dog is an amazing companion for anyone to have and they will always be there to cheer you on when you are feeling down.

Dogs are the most popular pets...

14 Feb 2019

Cats are beautiful, elegant creatures that have long fascinated humankind - to the point where, in Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods. However, despite humanity’s long historic relationship with cats, the simple truth is that the way that cats behave remains s...

6 Feb 2019

For most dog owners, the four-legged friend is truly a part of the family. They eat our leftovers, accompany us when we go for walks, relax with us while we watch television, and also often sleep in our beds. However, unlike the humans in your household, your dog can’t...

23 Jan 2019

Dogs make the best companions. Not only are they adorable, but they provide you with companionship and unconditional love and support. Now, if you do decide to take on responsibility for a dog, you’re going to have to make sure that you’re meeting all of their needs an...

28 Dec 2018

Ok, so it doesn’t matter what pet you have, you should feel the biggest love for it. We get that cats and dogs are the most popular pet to have, but we know that some of you might like the funkier pets, such as a snake or a spider. We love all animals, and if you don’t...

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