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Welcome to the Punk Rock Princess blog, Event Director & Founder of Creative Events, lifestyle, pop culture and pretty much everything! Scottish Lifestyle Blogger!


With a huge love for my Ragdoll cats Pancakes & Mango! 


I'm American/Canadian (Wait for it!) sounding, BUT half Dutch and Scottish, born in London, grew up in Bangladesh, Namibia, Vietnam, The Netherlands, England, Scotland and now living in Malta...& Edinburgh!

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4 Apr 2019

The IT Netflix that everyones going crazy about! Here is why!

1 Apr 2019

Summer has at long last arrived, clocks have changed and the swimsuit buying has started, but what I love most is the BBQs.The BBQ is prepared, the burgers are

15 Jan 2019

“Over the years there have been many favorites.  Chelsea, The Return Of Bruno (featuring Bruce Willis), all the Phil Collins and Genesis videos.... hard to say.  The sitcom that I'm involved in developing could be a highlight.” Enthusiastically stated by Jim Yukich...

29 Dec 2018

Many of you know how much I love my Lambrini, on a night out its Lambrini, at a house party “Lambrini”, family events “Lambrini…” graduation “Lambrini” Christma

19 Sep 2018

Closing down numerous fur farms, stopping two airlines transporting wild birds and generating awareness about the suffering of bears at tourist attractions, ensuring and creating sustainable solutions for animals in need, touching hearts, changing consumer behaviour, d...

28 Jul 2018

So... love, like or HATE flying?! The waiting, the prices, the boredom. No worries, here are some awesome tricks to speed that up! Or shall I say take off...

15 Jun 2018

As most people know, I am a huge cat person. For Christmas 2014 my boyfriend bought me a lovely pedigree ragdoll kitten. Whom I named "Pancakes"

10 Jun 2018

Long-awaited introduction to Caffe Almondo, the Italian espresso bar. Owner Anali has come a long way to start this tasty business and grow her network. Which has brought a lot of local and international success.

29 May 2018

If you are a gammer, you know about this massive game that is going viral! "Fortnite". I love my PS4 games, making friends, doing missions and escaping from the real world for a few mins

25 May 2018

When moving to Malta, is all about sun, food and drinks! We found this hidden treasure named "The Thirsty Barber". Located on Ball Street, San Ġiljan, Malta's first ever prohibition-style bar.In the Roaring Twenties a law prohibiting alcohol was set. Spea...

15 Jan 2018

Super easy and classy Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe

28 Dec 2017

Another extremely successful event completed! With a great turnout, Christmas themed evening workshop.

On 7th of December the Edinburgh Blogger Conference hosted their second event focusing on the world of vlogging regardless if you're a starter or a professional, it wa...

23 Dec 2017

Brace yourself for this next part - Badoo uses facial recognition! What?! Yes you read that right - you can find your celebrity crush look a like!

29 Oct 2017

Amazing places to go when in Malta, from all different cities within Malta, hidden excitements and amazing prices.

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