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I am super PR friendly I will be totally honest in my feedback. I love meeting new people, if you would like to be part of my blog with your company or reviews, giveaways or even a fun ideas and tips, send an email and we can have a chat or grab a coffee. If you would like to send products for trial or review, collaborate or feature, please send me . 


Jadine Arnold 
Punk Rock Princess 


Edinburgh - Scotland 



About Me


Hello, I am Jadine Arnold, 30, a creative, unique and adventurous blogger, Now living between Malta & Edinburgh - Director and founder of Creative Events, formally known as The Edinburgh Blogger Conference.


The Punk Rock Princess is my personal diary about fashion to music reviews and travel blogs, fantastic food recipes and even fun DIYs and haunted spooky facts, having been through so many different positive and negative experiences I love to share with others and hear your thoughts and your stories hoping to inspire and show the world you just need to be yourself. Its a pop culture site which brings everything together. 

Due to my international background having lived in Bangladesh, Namibia, Vietnam, England and the Netherlands, I have a wide appreciation and great respect for multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environments where I feel very much at home and have taken in a huge range of different cultures and brought them into my everyday way of life, which I use in my own designs.

I am a huge social media bug, love being on the web, chatting, meeting people and being myself, everyone has an awesome unique twist to them, its time to bring it out! 

I’m always willing to try things out so if you have something you would like me to review, just drop me a message at 

Enjoy my blog! 


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